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~Brian J. Gorman, M.Sc. (Dubl), J.D. (NYL),


Baltimore, MD,




Brian J. Gorman

Affiliate Scholars

Christopher Salvatore, Montclair State University

Christopher Morse, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Associate Researchers

Jonathan Burr, B.S., Specialties: Chemical, Export Control

Ryan Marinella, B.S., Specialties: CFATS, Export Control

Jesse Lachman, B.S.; Maryland Law School, J.D. expected 2018, Specialties: Export Control, Law

Assistant Researchers

Lucas Ichnoski, Towson University, Specialties: Export Control, Chemical

Lynn Juan, Towson University, Specialties: Classified, Information Policy, Law

Jacob Poetzel, Towson University, Specialties: Force Protection, Military

Austin Schappell, Towson University, Specialties: Cybersecurity

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