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Status Brief

Developmental Milestones/Developments to Date:

Current Assessment/State of the Field:




Chakhava, George; Kandelaki, Nino. “Progress in the Life Sciences in Georgia Strategies for Managing Dual Use Research of Concern“. Center for Strategic Development and Research in Medical Education at TSMU and the ethics of science: Georgian Association of Medical Specialties. March 27, 2009.

  1. “Three types of ethics committees exist currently in Georgia: National Council on Bioethics, research and clinical (medical) ethics committees. Schematically outlines all these chematically ethics committees and the legal basis for their establishment and functioning.”

Georgia, Dual Use, Biosafety, Biosecurity


Editors, “Cyber war may never happenhomelandsecuritynewswire. 11 October, 2011,

  1. “Cyber war, long considered by many experts within the defense establishment to be a significant threat, if not an ongoing one, may never take place according to Dr. Thomas Rid of King’s College London.”
  2. “The threat intuitively makes sense: almost everybody has an iPhone, an email address and a Facebook account. We feel vulnerable to cyber attack every day.”
  3. “Cyberwar seems the logical next step.”
  4. “Cyber warfare is of increasing concern to governments around the world, with many nations developing defensive – and reportedly offensive – capabilities.”
  5. “King’s College London release reports that recent events, such as a highly sophisticated computer worm known as Stuxnet, which was reported to have damaged the Iranian nuclear enrichment program, have fuelled speculation that cyber warfare is imminent.”
  6. “There have also been alleged acts of cyber warfare originating from Russia aimed at Estonia and Georgia.”
  7. “To constitute cyber warfare an action must be a potentially lethal, instrumental and political act of force, conducted through the use of software.”
  8. “Yet no single cyber attack has ever been classed as such and no act alone has ever constituted an act of war.”
  9. “Politically motivated cyber attacks are simply a more sophisticated version of activities that have always occurred within warfare: sabotage, espionage and subversion.”

Cybersecurity, Russia, Georgia


Editors, “Georgia Militia Members to Seek Bail Release,” Global Security Newswire, November 16, 2011 Last Check November 16, 2011

  1. “A container of castor beans seized from the house subsequently tested positive for the presence of ricin.”
  2. “‘Prior to that there had been a lot of talk. Once we determined they had the main ingredient, it significantly increased our concern,’ FBI Atlanta office domestic terrorism supervisor Doug Korneski said.”
  3. “Recordings were aired in court on Tuesday of the men talking together about their desire to kill government officials.”
  4. “ Samuel Crump and Ray Adams are accused of taking steps to produce ricin, which is derived from castor beans, is lethal in trace amounts and has no known antidote.”
  5. “The four elderly Georgia men accused of scheming to build crude bombs and develop deadly biological toxins for use in attacks against government officials are scheduled on Wednesday to submit in federal court a request to be released on bail.”

Ricin, Public Health, Drug Resistance, Law Enforcement, Georgia