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Status Brief

Developmental Milestones/Developments to Date:

Current Assessment/State of the Field:




Auyezov, Olzhas. “Moldova says it detains uranium dealers from rebel region.Chicago Tribune. September  21, 2012

  1. “Moldovan police have detained seven suspected members of a group that traded firearms and uranium, operating in the separatist Transdniestria region…”
  2. “…numerous cases involving shipments of hand grenades, TNT blocks, Kalashnkikov assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher charges and containers with radioactive uranium-235…”
  3. “…sold Kalashnikovs for $2,000 and RPG charges for 200 euros but provided no details about the alleged uranium deals or the origins of the nuclear fuel.”
  4. “In May, a Moldovan court convicted three people of illegal trafficking of uranium-235, which can be used in making nuclear weapons.”
  5. “The Chisinau government has long accused Transdniestria of being a “black hole” for smuggling arms, cigarettes and other contraband…”

Law Enforcement, Nuclear, Moldova, UNSCR 1540