South Africa

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Chiaramonte, Perry, “E. coli vials found in Arkansas apartment used to treat aliment,” FoxNews, February 13, 2012,
last checked 2/14/12.

  1. ”Two dozen vials of E. coli were left in the refrigerator of two Arkansas college students when they vacated their apartment.”
  2. ”The bizarre discovery Friday set off a storm of panic, as state and federal agencies sent HazMat teams to the apartment complex in Jonesboro, Ark. Two of the vials were unsealed…”
  3. ”One of the tenants was located by authorities and said that his roommate, who returned a week ago to his native home of South Africa had the vials to treat an ailment, officials said.”
  4. ”Certain strains of E. coli are used to treat a number of gastrointestinal ailments, including irritable bowel disorder.”
  5. ”A maintenance worker who was cleaning out the apartment found the vials, marked “E-Coli,” inside a foam container after opening the refrigerator, officials said. He notified the building manager, who called the Arkansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Local authorities, along with the National Guard, immediately shut down the area and spent a majority of the day securing the medical-grade vials for removal.”

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